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Using Your Smartphone To Market & Grow Your Business

Before deciding which apps you are going to use, there are a few things you must consider:

  • Who is my AUDIENCE?

  • What are my GOALS?

  • What is my Method of Distribution?  (How/Where are people going to see what I create?)


The image below was created and uploaded with an app TourWrist.

Currently this app is only available for Apple (iOS) devices.

This is a great interactive way to present your physical location.

Here is a link to their website:



Image created with Tourwrist

There is a similar product called 360 Panorama.  To the right is a demo video as well as links to download the app for Apple and Android devices.  


Learn more and download the app here:!prettyPhoto

Simple video presentations:


Create brief videos:

Instagram  - new video feature to rival Vine.


Take payments with Square - it can even be a register.


Manage most of your social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn:

Hootsuite for Mobile


Provide your clients or associates updates using:

LinkedIn for Mobile


Maintain your business' Facebook presence:

Facebook PAGES for Mobile


Conduct virtual face-to-face meetings and webinars:

GoTo Meeting for Mobile


Professional looking, hi-tech presentations:

Haiku Deck / Prezi for presentations


Store and share large amounts of data:

Google Drive / Dropbox for file sharing

360 Panorama Demo Video

Title. Demo Video
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