Presentations & Training

These are a few of Scott's most popular presentations and workshops. Scott often speaks on the subjects of Customer Service, Management, Leadership, Organizational Culture Change and even fun, theme park topics.  All of Scott's presentations are high-energy, motivating and packed with practical information.  If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, Scott also delivers custom presentations.  If your seeking a presentation or business training that is motivational, educational and inspirational you'll love Scott's presentations!

Frontline Service Pro
(Great for non-supervisory personnel, but beneficial to everyone.)

Explore the philosophies and practical applications of the following topics:

  -Maximize Your Strengths & Minimize Your Weaknesses through a fun & informative personality profile.
  -Understanding Personal Accountability & Your Company's Vision
  -Managing Stress On The Frontlines Of Service.
  -Effective Strategies For Conflict Resolution.
  -Re-evaluate Your Attitude-It Might Not Be As Good As You Think.
  -Discover the Keys To Personal & Professional Success & more!

The Magic of the Mouse:  Bringing the Theme Park Experience to Your Customers
Immerse yourself in the history, philosophies and operational strategies of the most magical place on Earth. Discover what the world's favorite theme park can teach you about personal and professional success. Entertaining, informative and packed with practical ideas for business and life - the only thing better than this workshop is spending a day at the park!

Hiring Right - The Start of Something Good
  -Know the type of person needed to be the type of organization that you want to be  
       Identify before you start the hiring process
       Identify specifics / not generalizations
  -As a manager you dictate the feel of the working environment
  -Training introduced as a way to clarify your expectations or performance standards
       Not just Aptitude, but Attitude as well
       How people listen with emotions and not necessarily with their ears.  Sometimes they may only hear what they want
       U constructive criticism & coaching to effectively improve individauls and your team 
  -Motivating through communicating
       Explore ways to inspire people to perform by meeting them at their level
  -If parting ways is required - feel comfortable that you've done everything necessary to help that employee succeed

Why We Do What We Do:  Maximize Your Mind For Professional & Personal Success
  -Unlock Your Emotional Intelligence
  -What we can learn from the amazing story of Phineus Gage
  -Discover how our Perceptions can Interfere or Enhance our relationships
  -Enjoy a fun, fast-paced Personality Profile exercise to identify your Personal Behavioral Style and reveal if it Helps or Hinders   You in the Workplace
  -Communicate with Co-workers for Maximum efficiency and buy-in

Creating A Culture Of Service In Your Business:  Discovering the Significance in our Work
  -Uncovering your Professional & Personal Vision
  -Keeping everyone accountable for delivering Exceptional Customer Service
  -Emotionally Connect Employees to your Goals & Corporate Purpose
  -Your Customers are Satisfied?  Find out why it doesn't matter and what You can do about it

Identifying Your Priorities
  -Are you working towards what's most important to you?
  -Stop filling time with low return time-wasters. Identify the activities, behaviors, and attitudes that deliver the greatest impact on your personal and professional success.
  -Analyze your values and skill-sets to map your course
    "We all have the same amount of hours in a day - the only difference is how we use them".

Harnessing The Power of Personal Focus
  -Identify successful habits to drive you forward personally and professionally
  -Discover the six strategies to unlock the power of your personal focus
  -Create a Goals Checklist to provide clear, identifiable targets
  -Learn to stay on track


Using Your Smartphone to Market & Grow Your Business

  -If you own a smartphone and own or manage a business this workshop is for you.

  -Smartphones and tablets have become a staple of businesses around the world, but few people even scratch the surface of all of     the business opportunities available with these small powerful devices.  

  -Review and learn to use apps that can help you market your business through social media and even make sales from anywhere!  

  -Manage your social media efforts right from your phone.  

  -Use the power of images to tell your story and build an audience.

  -Immediately share videos of events, promotions or how-to to engage your fans.

Don’t see exactly what you need?  Scott has a wide range of program offerings on the topics of Management, Leadership, Customer Service and more.  Contact him to put together the perfect program for you!