Lessons In Fun

Serious Business, Seriously Fun!


Leading a team, department or company requires vision, a competitive spirit, and the right people in the right places to make it all happen.  It also takes an intimate understanding of what your customers or clients need, want, and expect from you.


LESSONS IN FUN provides a brand new way for you to look at and understand your customer or clients experience.  You will learn to:


  • Adapt best practices in business and people management to your own organization

  • Identify areas of opportunity to create additional revenue, enhance your client or guest experience, and improve teamwork

  • Isolate specific steps to improve your own leadership skills such as communicating vision, inspiring innovation and outlining a strategic plan for your companies growth.


In addition, you will gain a deeper understanding of:


  • Your customer/client experience

  • What drives satisfaction among employees and customers

  • How to build a winning team

  • How to communicate your plan for change and improvement


All this comes from a unique combination of classroom training and visits to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. 


That's where the fun comes in!


Your facilitators, Scott Brown and Matt Heller, will guide your learning experience in the classroom and at the parks while also allowing time for individual exploration. Your goal will be to immerse yourself in the guest experience at these facilities, just as your customers or clients do with you. 


But that’s only the beginning.

You will then be able to take your new-found knowledge and enhanced skills and apply them to your own business. While you may not run a theme park, you do have customers, you do have to lead your employess, you do want to be profitable, and you do have increasing competition.


Much of what you will learn or takeaway from this program will be determined by you.  Because of the immersive, hands-on nature of the experience, at a minimum you will walk away with additional insight about your own leadership style and how your business interacts with your guests/clients. Or, you could experience a life-changing epiphany that alters the course of your business and brings you success you've never dreamed of.


Wouldn't that be cool?


This is going to be an exceptionally fun and powerful seminar!


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